it’s been a while! What’s been happening?!

yes it' s been a while,not upto much these days working alot and mostly chilling out always got some holidays planned.


What was the first Bmx you ever owned?

The first bmx i owned was one that Grass (richard green) built for me, it was a green hoffman condor.


Who did you first start riding with?

the first people i started riding with was Sandy,Braithwaite and sam hyde, Later i got introduced to Nath and Blyth and the rest is history!



Was there a moment where you saw a section or someone do something which fully influenced you to take up Bmx? 

Hell yes i remember Braith getting a copy of Criminal Mischief!, that video changed everything for me,Made me want to go out and try hard to be good!


You were an absolute essential squad member of the full scene, how much do you miss it and are you secretly going out ripping in the dark?

It's nice to think i was important to the hull bmx scene.

i was never the best but i always tried to help out other riders when i could, i still go out for secret sessions on my own when i can infact were my flat is in bulgaria there's a little skatepark i go ride!! No micro scooters there!!!


When we first came into contact I’m pretty sure, you like many others were fully absorbed in that aitken era, specifically series 2 frames, we’re talking slim jeans small tee’s acdc tattoo’s euro bb’s but then all of a sudden you were hands down street as fuck! Was this all animals doing?!

My style changed so much through the years of bmx, i went full on jimmy levan style at one point even dyed my hair blonde which went green hahaha!! yes animal was my true calling in the end, watching the steeze of street riding i kinda felt i could ride the same!


Do you remember how pissed off you were with it being “abikeco” instead of “animal” in the uk for a while?

yes that totally pissed me off!! i felt so bad for you guys at CCC because i always wanted to buy parts from you and you couldn't get them! so i had to get them from america.

i felt cheated by them changing the name just for the u.k.



Have you dived off hunsleys roof since? 

i tried that bloody roof 2 times.

1 time dressed like jimmy levan,the other time like a G!! i have huge regrets not pulling that!

kinda wasted too much time on it,some kid 6 months after my attempt went and pulled it hahaha!!



VX or HD?

VX all the way the colours are so much better and it gives you that vintage style of bmx riding! im not against HD it's the future but its just not for me.


Please tell me you’ve still got a solid collection of biggie and 2pac shirts?

YES still got all of them in a suit case up in my parents house loft, in fact all my bmx memories and things are in that suitcase.



You used to throw yourself down some pretty gnarly shit, what was the scariest thing you ever did?

i tried so hard to get shit done, wasnt like the other lads, i rarely pulled anything first go! always said to myself if i have 10% chance im trying it! court rail in hull 100% it has so much pressure because its the rail of hull riders, get that pulled and you aint scared of anything!


The cock house was pretty much the greatest Bmx flop house I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting, what’s the wildest thing you can remember from living there?

arrr the cock house, well there was two in my time, cock house one was a wreck nobody cared one bit in that house!, i remember doing a shotty with BF and tripping out big time!! then to top it off nath kept getting in my head really was a bad time!, cock house 2 went more posh but still didn't stop crazy shit happening all the time.Miss that place alot!!


Your tattoos are just as legendary as your riding Do you have a favourite?

My favourite tattoo is the CREAM one on my ankle kinda one of the last things i did before i slowed down on bmx, Still makes me laugh everytime i see it!



How’d the nickname come about?! 

Think i have Sandy to thank for that one! but the change of nicknames goes on and on

for example: The Donn, Jules the bastard, donn reene. Nath just took the names to whole new levels hahah


How has riding evolved since you started?, do you think bmx is in a good place right now?

Bmx has changed so much over the years, its getting crazy now what people can do!, Bmx for me is about mates and travelling not how good you are so long as you do that it will stick with you for life.


Do you still keep up with edits and videos?

What was the last thing you watched that made you want to ride?

yes still keep up to date watching edits, but its watching the old videos that make me want to go out n ride!! can i eat always gets me pumped!


What made you put riding on the back foot and not want to be riding as much?

Most of the lads moved over to canada or down to london and the scene kinda fell, also getting a bird didn't help but no regrets!, i always want to ride but the body cant take it like before and i work so much in the summer i just don't have time like before


Top 5 favourite riders of all time?

1. Van Homan

2. Tom White

3. Edwin Delarosa

4. Alex Platt


Top 5 videos of all time?

1.  Little Devil Criminal mischief

2. Animal Can i eat

3. Skavenger


5. Voices

What was your favourite Bmx trip?


ive been on many amazing trips in my time but the one that stands out was my 2nd barca trip! me nath dan cook carl prettyman and Haz went to barca for one month to film an edit, for some reason i had it in my head i was going to put out a really good section i could be proud of!, that had to be the best trip of my life i will never forget!


If you went back in time and started riding again would you do anything different?

if i went back in time there is only one thing i would change that i didnt give up so early, i was getting to a point in my riding where i was pulling new tricks and my riding was on lock! and i just gave up!

top two carl wood moments?

when i got so wasted in barca when we was staying at the sun & moon hostel and he puked everywhere, the two dutch god preaching guys couldnt handle him,they lost there shit lucky dad of the group ME sorted carl out,

the other is on a more serious note, i have to thank carl wood for letting me film his CCC edit i was so proud of how it turned out and he killed everything that was in front of him!

one trick that would make you freak out and lose your shit whilst learning?

Hands down manual 180 god it took me months to get that i tried every night at safeway car park when i pulled it i think people in austalia could hear me celebrate!


Cheers for you time donn! And supporting us!


Thanks to evryone i know its been a blast!! STREET OR DIE!!



Tom Sanders Interview


Photo by James Cox

Photo by James Cox

How's it going in the big smoke? Do you miss hull at all?

Things are good in London I finally got a new job sorted out after bumming about on the dole for the best part of five months. Aside from the new job the weathers on the up so I've been riding as much as possible. Yeah I definitley miss Hull when I first moved away I wasn't sure if I was doing the right thing as I've got a good group of mates back home. I try and make trips back when I can, last month Me, Marv, Coxie and Benson made the trip up so managed to hang out with everyone then.

There's been a real resurgence in UK street vids recently which is awesome,with the likes of Strangeways/Antidote/Savour/Super Monaco etc. what's your opinion on the state of bmx in 2014?

In my opinion it's in a pretty bad state at the moment, I think it goes for alot of things though. The bigger and more popular something gets the wider the range of people get involved, it becomes no longer a small minority of like minded people. I don't really feel that how BMX is portrayed by the mainstream media is really a good thing I know it's got nothing to do with what I surround myself by and involve myself in. The release of all these DIY scene videos is a reassurance that BMX is still as great as when I started, it's just a bunch of mates mooching about.

Strangeways Premiere

Strangeways Premiere

How's your bar spin game treating you?

I'm still to figure out how to play that game haha!!

Killed any mice in your abode recently?

Things have gone quiet on the rodent front although my house mate John did open a draw the other day to find that one had found its way into the humane trap... but this must have been sometime ago as the trap didn't really stand up to its name, the little guy wasn't looking too great. This brings the scores to HOUSE 4 - 0 MICE.

Pegs to over. Photo by MARV

Pegs to over. Photo by MARV

Your dance moves are stuff of legend, you shown anyone up in your new territory?

Haha...nah I've been pretty reluctant to drop a swayze recently. 

It seems you've always got something going on, whats next?

Aside from working and everyday shit I've got a few projects that I'm part of at the minute, United have started to film for the new full length video which I'm hoping to get a good amount of footage for, after having injury's over the last few video projects it'll be nice to work on a section over a lengthy amount of time. Coxies on with the Antidote video which has been a slow start with the weather and how spread out we all are, but we've just sorted out a trip to Germany in the summer so i'm looking forward to getting away with everyone. Marvs always got the camera on him so we're always getting bits towards his next video project.

Access Hop Photo by MARV

Access Hop Photo by MARV

You've fallen asleep and your bikes been assaulted with the removal of pegs,a brakes gone on and your stand overs 2" tall,Ring the police?

Waste of time, theirs only two boys in the business who would sort that sort of villainy out. They hold a similar style to Riggs & Murtaugh or as we know them as Carlos Wood & Jamie Carr.

Where is Donn Reen?

That's one thing I wish I knew! What I do know is whatever it is he's doing and wherever he is doing it he'll be carrying it out in the crazy Donn like way we all love him for!!

Smith. Photo by Toby Goodyear

Smith. Photo by Toby Goodyear




Hull Locals and all good customers of ours!,Psyched to see this,Good work.

Jack Henderson,Harry Pool, Alex Withers, Adam Wilkinson, Harry Douglas, Harvey Walker, Alex Almond and Joe Foley. Edited by Jack Henderson



Nath Rule Interview!

Nath how's it feel being across the water?

good man just had a brutal winter here so didn't really get to ride much, but i'm looking forward to a good summer riding here. Got some amazing spots and a rad bowl to ride which is 5 mins away from my house,Canada is a great place to live if you can deal with winter.

you've been riding a hell of a long time and have seen alot of people come and go in the Hull scene, is that weird?

Not really, people move on to do different things in life. People stop riding but i don't think BMX ever really leaves them, They're around the scene one way or another.

what's the yorkshire tea situation out there?

hahahaha my nana sent me a few boxes out,but we found a spot that sells it, so we're all stocked up now!

Your riding style is definitely your own,...who were your main influences growing up?

Lots of dudes, the big ones got to be Tom Blyth, we started riding together and we both still ride now. I think watching props and all the dudes on road fools was a big one for me. Martin Towler was another guy,and all the other Hull dudes who came up in the scene were all rad!

What's pat on with?

ahahahaha He thinks he's the wolf of wall street, proper del boy now!. Used car salesman that wears $2000 suit which costs more than the cars he sells.Pat's good though, doing well for himself.

Coaster still on or cassette?

Nah coaster went about a year ago, i had a really good time on the coaster but i'm over it. Cassette feels so much more solid.

If you started riding right now instead of back in the 90's you think you'd still dig it?

Ermmm,.. it's hard to say, it's not what it was.Back when i started riding style was a big thing but that seems to have gone out the window. If you could do all the tricks but it looked like crap no-one cared.But it's the other way around now, If you have all the tricks today with no style the kids love it. Style will always win in my opinion.

How's your ankle? you injury free right now?

Had all that time off over winter so it feels mint right now, time to see what it's willing to take before it blows up!

Cheers for your time nath, glad alls good man!

The shops always been a massive part of the scene in Hull and it should stay like that, Support your local bike shop kids! Thanks.